Why Your Marketing Department Might Not Be Helping You As Much As You Think

Marketing departments exist in companies of nearly every size. They usually get a bad rap. They are blamed when sales are low and rarely get credit when sales are good. For the marketing departments that support sales teams, they are usually deluged with endless requests that can entail anything like the following:

Where is my new brochure?

Are you going to create a new flyer for our latest offering?

Can you design me a comparison chart by tomorrow I have a client meeting?

Where is a page on our website that shows how great our latest product is compared to the competition?

Do you have any postcards for me to send to my prospects?

And on and on and on….

Most marketing departments get so inundated with requests from their sales professionals, sales managers and more that they become little more than a design shop. They pump out new material endlessly to keep the team members happy and rarely have a chance to step back to see what’s going on.

As marketing departments pump out massive volumes of high-end graphics on newsletters, flyers, postcards, and more they rarely have a chance to look at the fundamentals of marketing. This means that you may get a “pretty flyer”, but ask yourself the following (on any piece of marketing that you have shared with a prospect lately)

How easy is it for them to contact me?

What makes my marketing piece look different than the competition?

If I look at this for less than 5 seconds is it clear what I want the prospect to do?

Do I have a clear marketing message?

Is my copy interest piquing?

Your marketing department likely has to service 10, 20, or even more professionals. With massive people to satisfy and tight deadlines it is unlikely they have time to ask themselves these questions on each piece they turn over to you for your use in the field. Before you pick up the phone to blame them, ask yourself the following:

· How can I be proactive to reach my sales goals?

· What changes can I provide the marketing department that will increase my conversion rate?

· How can I get more use out of each piece of marketing they hand me?

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