4 Reasons To Use An Outsourced Marketing Department

Is using an outsourced marketing department a valid option for businesses in B2B markets? This article considers the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.

B2B marketing was traditionally based on push marketing and often a single person or small team could cope with managing a small number of external suppliers and in house activities. Today, it is generally accepted that inbound marketing generates more high quality sales leads at lower cost than outbound. Inbound marketing has distinct advantages but it brings with it greater complexity.

Inbound marketing requires an intimate understanding of online marketing techniques, customer and channel research, social media and copywriting, content sourcing and editing. Many of these skills are new to traditional marketing departments.

The four main reasons to use an outsourced marketing department therefore are:
• A greater range of skills
• Improved flexibility
• Professionally project managed, consistent approach
• Lower cost

An external marketing team will generally work with a range of clients and can therefore maintain specialists in a range of marketing disciplines. They are therefore better placed than an in house team to deliver the range of tasks required by inbound marketing.
Outsourcing also delivers greater flexibility by delivering resource only when it is required to cope with peaks in demand. An outsourced marketing team may be called upon to deliver marketing services when there are peaks in demand such as a new product launch or a change in company direction.

Without distractions or internal politics a project manager in the outsourced team may ensure that everything is collated effectively and delivered to plan without drama. This ensures marketing has the maximum impact rather than ad hoc delivery that only wastes time and money.

As marketing services are only brought in as and when required the costs of employing a full time in house team may be reduced or dispensed with altogether. With an outsourced team there is no recruitment, holiday or other costs and they are only employed when required.

An outsourced marketing department therefore offers businesses in B2B markets some real advantages. However, it is important to balance these advantages against those of the in house team before making any decisions. An in house team often grows up with a business and therefore has an intimate understanding of products, customers and markets that an outsourced team cannot hope to match.

An in house team will also be closer to understanding existing sources of content to fuel the inbound marketing process and will have existing relationships with those closest to customers – the sales department.

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Why Your Marketing Department Might Not Be Helping You As Much As You Think

Marketing departments exist in companies of nearly every size. They usually get a bad rap. They are blamed when sales are low and rarely get credit when sales are good. For the marketing departments that support sales teams, they are usually deluged with endless requests that can entail anything like the following:

Where is my new brochure?

Are you going to create a new flyer for our latest offering?

Can you design me a comparison chart by tomorrow I have a client meeting?

Where is a page on our website that shows how great our latest product is compared to the competition?

Do you have any postcards for me to send to my prospects?

And on and on and on….

Most marketing departments get so inundated with requests from their sales professionals, sales managers and more that they become little more than a design shop. They pump out new material endlessly to keep the team members happy and rarely have a chance to step back to see what’s going on.

As marketing departments pump out massive volumes of high-end graphics on newsletters, flyers, postcards, and more they rarely have a chance to look at the fundamentals of marketing. This means that you may get a “pretty flyer”, but ask yourself the following (on any piece of marketing that you have shared with a prospect lately)

How easy is it for them to contact me?

What makes my marketing piece look different than the competition?

If I look at this for less than 5 seconds is it clear what I want the prospect to do?

Do I have a clear marketing message?

Is my copy interest piquing?

Your marketing department likely has to service 10, 20, or even more professionals. With massive people to satisfy and tight deadlines it is unlikely they have time to ask themselves these questions on each piece they turn over to you for your use in the field. Before you pick up the phone to blame them, ask yourself the following:

· How can I be proactive to reach my sales goals?

· What changes can I provide the marketing department that will increase my conversion rate?

· How can I get more use out of each piece of marketing they hand me?

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Outsourcing Tips For a Small Business Virtual Marketing Department

Outsourcing has always had the good and the bad associated to it, but the success of outsourcing all over the developed world has proven beyond doubt, that the volume of the pros associated with outsourcing overpower the cons to a great extent. Latest in the field of outsourcing is the concept of “virtual marketing departments”.

Wondering what these are? Well, just like any other outsourcing job, virtual marketing departments take care of all your marketing needs and strive to make your startup/established business a success in the online world. Right from branding to developing market strategies and getting leads and tackling the media etc., these departments know all the tricks of the trade and the best part is that they help you save a lot of time that you otherwise would have wasted on doing each of these things on your own.

You might put a question to me at this juncture- why outsource when I can hire people and see them formulate plans in front of my eyes? Well, I understand your apprehensions about outsourcing your marketing job to a third party virtual department, but in doing so, you are entitling yourself to a hoard of benefits. First up, you don’t pay these virtual departments on an on-going basis. Rather, you pay them only for the work they do. On the other hand, if you had a dedicated marketing system set up for your company, you would have had to pay them a fixed salary and compensation packages, irrespective of the kind of work they are doing. In outsourcing, therefore, you tend to save at least two quarters worth of money that you would have paid your local marketing department.

Besides, you would also have incurred the cost of setting up the office, telephone connections, health benefits, worker’s comp etc. for your dedicated marketing department, while this is not the case with virtual marketing departments. Virtual departments have their own infrastructure set up and all you have to do is pay them and put your idea across, without worrying about anything else. So, what are you waiting for? Just outsource your work to a virtual marketing department and give yourself complete peace of mind.

Another point to consider is that if you hired a local in-house marketing department, you would need to train them to do the tasks you need. This takes time and expertise which you may not have, and the benefit of having a Virtual Marketing Department will free up your time and stress of wondering how to get your marketing going.

Contact us today to get this started for your business!

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Marketing Department Jobs – Tips on Performing Well In Marketing Jobs

There are various sectors and aspects of a company that has to be thought about when a person steps into the employment structure of the company. However, the basic idea of any company or business venture is to generate maximum number of sales. This requires proper marketing techniques to be applied to the company’s products or services so that it gains maximum number of popularity and more and more people get to know about these products. The criteria are that as many people know about the products that many people can be converted into sales figures or customer groups for the company.

This is why marketing department jobs are very lucrative and the department has a large amount of vacancies each year that has to be fulfilled by new people at all levels. There are various kinds of professional degrees that are in the education market nowadays that help the person to get more influential when it comes to landing marketing department jobs. However, the whole concept of the job is to put together more new techniques and concepts that increase the sales of the product.

This is precisely why more than educational qualification this kind of job applies more importance to the experience that can be garnered over a maximum number of time spent on this job. However marketing department jobs make very conceivable entry level jobs. People get into this department at a very early age because they can continue to gather information and education while they are earning as well.

Marketing department opportunities make sure that the unemployment of any particular locality is thwarted. Many marketing department agencies outsource marketing jobs to different professionals for different companies. The professionals are initially paid on commission basis which is also beneficial in a way that the actual salary of the professional completely depends upon the person’s own performance in the field.

However, at higher positions the salary package is included with the commission on the sale. Marketing department internships are quite common for every company because they let out these jobs so that they can get manpower at very low costs while the personnel who join at these levels get a platform to start out in the field. Internships provide the person with an opportunity to learn the process and the technique of the job at very hands on platform. This is the kind of training that makes them more adept at their job and the ultimate procedure of the job becomes quite easy for them at later stages.

This is why many companies prefer to take on people who have already had internships with other companies as it would require lesser training for these kinds of people. Marketing departments of the companies are interlinked with various other departments and therefore the marketing people can always divert into other sectors in the later parts of their career. The fact that these jobs in themselves are very lucrative and extremely high paying, make sure that not many people opt for the diversion.

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What Are the Benefits of an Outsourced Marketing Department?

Marketing is one of the most highly variable and potentially costly expenses for all businesses. Especially for small companies and startups, keeping a full-time Marketing Director and support staff trained on the latest trends; conceptualizing, producing, and managing quality campaigns; and busy during “off seasons” can be a major challenge. In this “new normal” economy of rethinking the old ways and learning to do more with less, many savvy business owners are thinking outside the box by doing away with in-house marketing departments and hiring on-demand or outsourced marketing departments.

Hiring an outsourced marketing department is not the same as contracting with a large advertising firm. Instead of being locked into hefty contracts and sold large packages, business owners who partner with outsourced marketing departments (sometimes called “on-demand” marketing departments) get the benefits of a big ad agency without the big price tag. They get high-end talent, the resources of a large company, excellent scalability, workflow flexibility, project management, and substantial savings.

Perhaps most importantly, business owners who chose this route are able to access a far greater talent pool than they would ever be able to otherwise. That is, an outsourced marketing department serves dozens of clients and can afford to hire the top minds in their field, whereas a smaller business would not be able to afford the salary such an expert demands. Better than that, instead of accessing just one expert, clients of outsourced marketing departments get access to entire teams of outstanding marketing experts because they’re not hiring these experts in-house, but rather simply paying for them when their expertise is needed.

Paying for talent when it’s needed is another reason so many business owners are making this change. Not only can they access better talent on demand, but also they are truly only paying for that talent when needed. With an in-house department, that level of flexibility and scalability is simply not possible. When marketing needs go up one month and down the next, business owners simply have to maintain the salaries and benefits of in-house staff. With outsourced marketing, if your business has a slower season during which you do little marketing, you simply don’t pay for marketing at that time of the year.

Keeping costs down through staff scalability is an excellent benefit of outsourced marketing, as is keeping overhead down. Without an entire marketing department in the office, using office space, materials, energy, and other resources, business owners are better able to reduce overhead and make better use of their often-limited space. Space is not the only overhead expense, however. Staffing changes including searching, hiring, and firing are all major expenses. Marketing teams need frequent training due to the constantly changing nature of their industry, and they often add a lot of work to accounts receivables and payables as they work with many outside vendors and service providers.

An in-house marketing department costs a lot more than a few salaries, and an outsourced marketing department can actually save you more than you spend when it’s all said and done.

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